Brian & Lori: July 9-Associate by Sydney:)

Lori and Brian were married on a ridiculously gorgeous and amazing day at Pear Tree Estate in Champaign, IL. As I drove up to Pear Tree the corn was literally so tall you couldn’t see the drive until you were suddenly just there. Needless to say when Lori warned me she didn’t want any photos with the corn in the background, I could understand why. We arrived to Lori at the house with her best friends just hanging around finishing getting ready. She may deny it, but Lori seemed calm and ready to go (hmm… the wonders a mimosa can do!). Even the transition of Brian heading upstairs to get ready while Lori was literally hiding in the next room – seamless.

Before long it was time to reveal – seriously one of my favorite parts of the day, couples just ooze with excitement and love, and it’s just an amazing moment of the day. Lori and Brian just took the moment in, and I love Lori needing the hanky she told Brian he needed to carry for her 🙂

Let me just say, this group of guys and gals kept. me. on. my. toes. I don’t think I have ever laughed with a bridal party as hard as I did with this bunch:) A bit of nonsensical camera laughs (I’m calling you out-Vashoune), groomsmen who can barely stop giggling like school girls, and the sweetest bridesmaids around made for amazing photos! Seriously-I love that Brian could barely stop laughing with his groomsmen and that Lori and her ‘maids were so tight knit and fun (even when looking at a black wall!).

Next up was a gorgeous ivy wall for couple portraits as well as other areas around downtown Champaign. Let’s just say that Lori and Brian were so adorable through it all! And Brian was a complete gentleman making sure Lori got her “loopy thingy”, opening the door and smiling like she was all he saw. BONUS: A few days ago I heard about how Brian proposed to Lori, and any friends or family who don’t know, you need to hear it from Lori. <3 I would say it’s a first offering my shoes to a bride during photos, but I oddly can say this has happened before.  So when we got to the park and Lori needed shoes, let’s just say couple portraits barefoot is the new thing.

So I have to start with mentioning the details of the wedding ceremony. Seriously the arch they were married in front of- Lori’s Dad made it for them. Each of the delicate flowers? Handmade tissue paper flowers made by Lori. Every detail overseen by her Mom between getting ready for the wedding. The officiant was one of Brian’s long best friends- and let me say, homegirl you kiiiiiiilllled it. It was sweet and hilarious, and so full of love. One of the sweetest moments of the entire day was seeing these two share their vows, and the little moment during getting ready where Lori shared how nervous she was about it.

So. Toasts at receptions usually go one of two ways: 1) they get on the story train and lose focus, 2) they hit select points and are clear, focused, and concise. When Tyson, Brian’s best man and son, stood up to speak the entire room stopped. I’m pretty sure he gave the best, best man speech I have ever heard. So when it was time for Kate, Lori’s Maid of Honor, to follow Tyson’s speech the whole room was all ears. And don’t worry she killed it as well. 😉 And once the party got started, um who has a conga line at their wedding? These two did and I think almost all of the guests were in the line at one point!

Lori and Brian – thank you for sharing your wedding day with me, for showing your unconditional love for each other, and being the amazing, wonderful people you are.

Much love,


Photography: Kara Kamienski Photography
Associate Photographer: Sydney Wlodyka
Second Photographer: Tracy Kortman
Venue: Pear Tree Estate
Florist: Flora Design
Bridal Gown Designer: Essence of Australia
Suit/Tux Designer: Michael Kors
Bridesmaids Dress Designer: Donna Morgan
Hair/Makeup: Rod Sickler Salon and Spa
Tablecloths/Linens: The Pear Tree Estate
DJ: E Entertainment
Cake by: Cakes by Lori

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