Chicago Engagement Session: Chris & Michelle- October 16, 2016

I don’t typically blog engagement sessions (but plan to next year!!! woot woot!)  However, I am just kind of IN LOVE with this session.

Let’s be clear on something- I am a small town girl.  Always have been, always will be.  I love my Casey’s fountain sodas, literally waiting 10 seconds to vote, and being anywhere in virtually 5 minutes or less.  However- big cities EXCITE me.  I LOVE driving in the city.  Like absolutely love it.  I have so many friends who won’t even do it.  Me- not so much:)  I accept the challenge in full arms:)  There’s a vibe in the city that I absolutely love.  And that excitement just turns into direct creativity- and I love it.

Add in these two ‘should be’ models- and magic.  We had an ABSOLUTE blast in the city for their session.  We started in their apartment- then headed to some amazing areas of town where they got engaged.

Chicago couples- do not fear.  There’s no travel fee for this small-town girl to venture up your way and shoot your engagement and wedding photos.  I love it and welcome it:)

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