Clearwater Beach, Florida: Destination Wedding: Sean and Crystal, May 6, 2017

Beach wedding.  Mural walk.  Taco truck.


I couldn’t possibly come up with a better description of a dream destination wedding if I tried.  And yet, it happened.  It SO happened.


Awhile back, the most AMAZING wedding planner ever, Sara O’Shea with So Chic Events, reached out to me about doing a destination wedding in May for one of her couples.  I was thrilled with the details were all worked out and I’d be joining this crew!


It’s a funny feeling when the first time you meet your bride and groom is on a beach the day before their wedding:)  In ‘real’ life- Sean and Crystal are high-performing young professionals- serious, productive, business people.  On vacation however- they are laid back, go with the flow, and THE MOST FUN people to be with!   In talking with Crystal the night before her wedding- she nonchalantly handed me a book that she saw at the hotel filled with pics of a mural walk in St. Pete.  She said, ‘this.  this is what I want for my wedding photos.’  I could have kissed her.


Since we arrived on Thursday due to flights, Sara and I spent Friday doing this mural walk on our own to check out what we had to work with.  What a charming little town St. Pete is:)  We started up in one area of town that was quite amazing.  Sort of hipster, sort of vintage, a gay-friendly part of town that had signs everywhere that said ‘Welcome to our Gayborhood’ which had me giggling every time.  I’m a sucker for a play on words- and it was a good one!  And the murals did not disappoint.  They are literally EVERYWHERE.  Now, granted, some were not ‘wedding appropriate’. Some had weird naked bodies with birds eating out peoples hearts and so on…but we definitely found some amazing ones as well!  There was a separate area of town with a few more murals that was a little more ‘uppity’ if you will- with tons of clothing boutiques and a whole store devoted to popsicles (for the record, yes we ate one.  I got coconut and it was amazing.)  We couldn’t wait for the next day to get the couple out there!!


The next morning was perfect.  Crystal was having her hair and makeup done by her best friend from growing up.  That girl was an absolute HOOT.  I was nonstop laughing at that one.  They are from North Dakota- so I got to here all about growing up in ND and living next to reservations and the whole thing.  I learned quite a bit that morning:)  We did our first reveal on a VERY windy pier and then headed to St. Pete for the amazing photos:)  We wandered the streets and just shot and shot and shot.  Til Sean got hungry- so a taco truck it was.  Who doesn’t want their pics in front of a taco truck:)  And- the tacos were on the house for the bride and groom:)    Our final stop- a Walgreens.  Sara and I had ventured to the Walgreens to get bottled water and I was struck by the blue tiled wall.  You HAVE to love a bride and groom who when you say ‘I want to take you to Walgreens for your pics…’ and they say ‘whatever.’ 🙂


The ceremony took place outside on the beautiful beach.  It was an unseasonably gorgeous temperate day in Florida.  Normally- highs of 85 were instead highs of 72.  Needless to say, the sunny gorgeous day and the beaches were PACKED.  Even into the evening when it was time for the ceremony.  Not only was the beach packed, but (we can’t make this stuff up)- there was an Indian wedding also happening- and the parade (which is CRAZY loud of music, chanting, and drums) was going up and down the beach behind us.  It was a memorable experience that’s for sure:)  Despite all that was going on around us- when the wedding began- it all was completely overshadowed by these two and their amazing love for each other:)  Their handwritten vows were so perfect, even I cried:)


The reception was so incredible.  Sara did a phenomenal job getting the room to be exactly what they wanted.  The colors were perfect for a Florida destination wedding.  The DJ was awesome:)  And we had the most amazing sunset to sneak out to!


Sean and Crystal I can’t thank you enough for having me on your gorgeous wedding day!  I wish you both only the best:)


Love, Kara


Destination:  Clearwater Beach, Florida

Venue:  Hyatt Regency

Planner:  Sara O’Shea, So Chic Events

Paper:  So Chic Boutique