Derek and Kayla: Engagement Session in the Snow

Now that we’re finally back to blogging- we get to share with you all of the amazing sessions we shoot- not just our weddings.  We did a bang up job last year of posting our weddings on Facebook- but what the general public didn’t see was our 54 engagement sessions, or hundreds of family/kids/senior sessions!!!  So this year- you’re getting’ em all:)  Hey- if you’ve got it, flaunt it right:)  And what we ‘got’ is some be-au-tiful people you NEED to see:))

Starting with these cuties!!!  Derek and Kayla had initially opted for a spring session.  But the snow and all it’s gorgeousness was too much to pass up!!!  So we scheduled part 1 of their e-session in this glorious snow!!!  It was not only snowy- it was cold. Like, really cold.  I think the car read 3 degrees when we stepped out.  It was so cold, I actually had on a fleece (and for those of you who know me- you know I don’t wear coats, like ever).

These guys were game for anything!  We hit a patch of ice on the road- and instead of avoiding it- I made them do a running start and slide on it:))  We snuggled in the snow, sat in the snow, and of course ended with an epic snowball fight. Derek had literally been waiting for that one!!  When he turned around and started throwing snow at Kayla between his legs backward like a dog digging a hole- I knew he had found his happy place!  haha!  She proceeded to tackle him which had them both lying flat in the snow!!  GAH!! I literally screamed out loud at their cuteness ‘if you two weren’t marrying each other, I’d marry you!!’

I can’t wait for their wedding this fall!!!

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