Fallon-Inspired Sing Off…

I am one of Jimmy Fallon’s biggest fans.  I find him absolutely hilarious.  Like, hilarious.  I think he’s brilliant.

And the sing-off last night between Fallon, Kevin Hart, and Will Ferrell following the Super Bowl was epic.  SO funny.

I thought in honor of that I needed to share one of my favorite wedding moments of 2014.

That would be when one of my couples surprised their guests with a Fallon-inspired ‘Sing Off’ of their own at their wedding reception.

Bride versus Groom.  Two songs.  Bridal party back up singers.  Totally.freaking.hilarious.

Tyler rocked it out with some Journey (I believe?)  He owned it.  Job well done.

Sonia followed with a humble performance of Wilson Phillips ‘Hold On for More Day’.  It was very heartfelt:)

Tyler followed up with a more rock-esque song.  The crowd was crazy and I thought for sure he’d taken it.

Then Sonia busts out with her bridesmaids with the ‘Money’ song.  The whole ‘hands up’ thing.  It brought the house down.  So.stinking.funny!

We had an absolute blast!!!  I would encourage anyone and everyone to do something Fallon inspired at their reception!  So.much.fun!!!


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