Fear is a Paralyzing thing…

Well hello.


I know it’s been awhile.  I know that anyone who used to follow my blog and follow the amazing weddings we’d blog wonder what happened to us!?  Are we still shooting?  Are we still working?  Did we fall off the face of the Earth?


The good news is- no.  We didn’t:)  Matter of fact- 2017 was our BUSIEST work year yet.  Kara shot over 50 weddings, her associates shot many more.  We had a record number of sessions.  35 engagement sessions, 63 family sessions, 20 senior sessions, and 75 mini sessions in October.  That’s a lot of photos. 🙂


but no blogs since July.


The last big blog we did write was expressing our frustration and explaining to the world the situation that happened when our social media was overtaken by a hacker.  It wasn’t the first time this year.  See- in January- while lying on the couch recovering from the surgery I’d just had- I was also hacked.  They got into my bank account, my PayPal account, and this blog right here.  And what avenue did they use? This blog.  Yep.  It’s a little known fact that many hackers come in through WordPress.  Lovely, heh.  I STILL get a monthly delivery of some gaming magazine that apparently the hacker bought something with my money and it came with a free *surprise* subscription to a gaming magazine.  Every time it comes in the mail it’s like sick reminder of the violation.  It’s disturbing.


But that situation wouldn’t even come close to the one that happened in July.  When someone had not only taken over my Facebook account, but was corresponding with friends and clients as if they were me.  It’s a scary thing to have someone else be in control of your relationships- both personally and professionally.  I was bombarded with worried clients afraid that this person would gain access to their private photos.


When I finally got my account back after 6 weeks, what I found was simply horrifying.  The ‘messages’ in my Facebook account were filled with messages written in Turkish and Arabic.  There were absolutely disturbing pictures of what I can only imagine was people being tortured.  I had to turn over info to the law enforcement- it was that bad.  In one of the messages, I found a photo of one of my clients children.  It was terrifying.  Law enforcement ruled out that there was any foul behavior surrounding it- not to mention that my hackers were from a country far far away- but the sight of my clients face in midst of all of these horrible Arabic messages threw me for a spin.


So….fear.  Fear won out for awhile.  I stopped blogging all of your beautiful weddings and sessions.  I stopped telling all of these amazing stories of love simply because I was fearful of it happening again.  I needed some time to recover and come to the conclusion that the steps I’d put in place would protect me (and more importantly, my clients) from here on out.     I just stopped.  I kept shooting, and delivering, and my Christmas card pile this year was FULL of incredible images from my clients- and it made my heart so happy.


My goal for 2018 is to reestablish my online presence.  Smarter, more protected, and simple- but back.  I’m redesigning my website as a whole and incorporating a whole new way of blogging.  I’m putting safety first and making sure I’m good to go and you’re all protected as well before I start sharing away.


Sadly, I wish more photographers would follow suit.  In this rush/rush world of competition- I feel like so many photographers are literally posting more times a day then I pee.  For real.  And I get it.  They’re kicking butt:)  I was that way once too.  But then I became a target.  And now, I have to be careful.  For YOU, and for me:)  So if you’re a client of mine- rest assured that I do in fact LOVE your photos.  and I am SO proud of them.  And I want to scream them from the rooftops!  But I LOVE you.  and I want to PROTECT you.  and I want you to never have to email me afraid some crazy Syrian hacker got your photos.   And if you’re a photographer- hold up for one second and check yourself (I totally did that in a voice).  Make sure you’re protecting your yourself before you post clients images everywhere!  Please!


Happy New Year to you all and I can’t wait to reveal our new site:)


Love, Kara