Hudson Farms, Urbana, IL: Audra & Kody: October 1, 2016 Associate by Sydney

Way back in March Audra emailed me to say hello and that she was the bride I was photographing on October 1. If this is a sign of anything, it’s how amazing and sweet this woman is. Seriously. And then it comes to wedding day and Erin and I walk into her parents home to find Audra doing on her makeup in the bathroom. I don’t think I have EVER felt so welcome, Audra literally stops and yells “HEEYYYYYY!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ARE REALLY HERE!!! THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!” Seriously, the best, most excited, most amazing nice-to-meet-you greeting ever. But that’s Audra, sweet, kind, and all sorts of amazing. And that was us just walking in the door…

I have to just touch on the moment Audra took to pray with her bridesmaids, yep, that’s it… I can’t even talk about it without getting misty eyed because of how sweet her entire bridal party was. And Kody’s letter and gift, seriously he has a way with words and is so, so, so sweet.

Soon it was time to head to Hudson Farms to get Audra dressed, and reveal with her Dad. Um, I love the special connection these two share and how Audra describes him not only as her best friend, but a big teddy bear. I seriously don’t think I have had a Dad so excited, happy, and all around welcoming to so many. Plus, they ended their reveal with bringing their hands in for a “Go James!” with Audra’s Mom and sister. Yes so fun, loving, and amazing!

I think of my favorite moments (this is a total lie because I love the entire day) is when Kody and Audra did their no reveal, reveal. We did it at the back of the barn where they would be married moments later. They talked to each other, they prayed, they laughed and cried, and were just so completely sweet and wonderful. But like I have said, that’s Audra and Kody. And their ceremony I mentioned, it did not disappoint. It was lead by a dear friend who not only talked about the importance of God in their lives, but Kody and Audra’s journey together.

I honestly LOVE Audra and Kody, and their entire bridal party. They put up with the goofiness Dane (the videographer) and I came up with, they loved on each other hard, and they complimented each other so darn well. Plus they literally yelled ridiculous words… on video… while an Octoberfest was going on RIGHT next to where we were taking photos/video. And the farm photos, during Golden Hour, WHAT! YES! 🙂

Kody and Audra, thank you for loving each other something fierce, for sharing your amazing selves, and not letting a drop of wedding stress (or rain) damper your mood.

Much love,


Photography: Kara Kamienski Photography
Associate Photographer: Sydney Wlodyka
Second Photographer: Erin Westermeyer
Planner/Coordinator: Mindy James (Audra’s Mom) and Shelley Ehmen, Function Junction & Design, Co.
Videographer: Greenz Productions
Florist: Blossom Basket
Bridal Gown Designer: Augusta Jones
Suit/Tux Designer: Men’s Wearhose
Bridesmaids Dress Designer: David’s Bridal
Hair:  Paige Kelly, Rod Sickler Salon
Event Design: Mindy James and Shelley Ehmen, Function Junction & Design, Co.
DJ: Tom Wolf
Invitations: DIY (Audra)
Rentals: Rustic Love Rentals
Cake by: Becca Stroot
Location: Hudson Farms


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