Justin & Kelly: April 18, 2015

I have been so anxiously awaiting when I got 5 hot minutes to sit down and blog the wedding of my friends, Kelly and Justin!  As I mentioned in their engagement post- these two became my friends through this wedding planning process.  A few amazingly fun days in Florida, a few planning meetings, and wa-la- new friends for life.  I adore these two and their zest for life and their ability to just make people smile.  I have so.much.fun with these two and their wedding was every bit as fun as I knew it would be!  I’m sad it’s over.  I got a text from Kelly saying ‘I’m going to miss not seeing you as much!’  Amen girlfriend:)  Right back at ya!


This gorgeous day was held at Allerton Park in Monticello!  The Event Coordinator there, Jordan Gifford, was awesome as always!  The venue looked amazing thanks to the incredible ladies of Create a Scene:)  The whole wedding had a ‘Gatsby’ vibe and I loved it:)  Kelly truly paid attention to all the little details and had so much of their personality roped into the wedding:)  I loved that their dogs (who are their babies) were a part of the ceremony, the bridal party pictures, and the whole nine yards.  I also found it hilarious they were at the groomers’ all morning getting prepped, and Calvin (the boy dog) gave up on groomsmen pics about 5 minutes in and just went and literally jumped in the lake:)  So much for that grooming!  haha!  Dorothy (the girl dog) had a matching veil to Kelly’s!  So sweet!!!


The beautiful ceremony was held at the Sunken Gardens at Allerton!  It was a gorgeous day and I loved the streamers that decorated the back of the ‘altar’ space!  The ceremony was perfect, complete with the ring bearer and flower girl (Calvin and Dorothy!)  They exited to a vintage car with a sprinkle toss!  You can see by the picture that Justin walked the whole way down with his mouth wide open!  haha:)  Kelly sent me a text of the picture of the inside of her dress the next day and it literally looked like one of those melted crayons full of colors!!!  Oh my goodness!!!  I’m sure it washes and it was SO worth it:)  The pictures of the sprinkles are SO fun and sprinkles are SO them!


We loved having the vintage cars to take pictures!  Kelly also had giant gold balloons and gold glitter!!!  Loved, loved it:)


The reception was perfect as well!  The first dance was to ‘A Whole New World’ which was so appropriate for Kelly, the Disney loving girl:)  Justin sang half of it out loud!  The Daddy-Daughter dance was danced while a video played of all of the times Kelly and her dad danced before (videos of her dance recitals as a little girl and her dance team/daddy dance in high school in their gym!)  It was so special!  A super fun part of the reception was when Kelly had her guests circle them on the dance floor- then popped bottles of confetti all over them!!!  SO much fun!  And of course, the highlight for me was when Kelly and her bridesmaids surprised Justin with a choreographed dance:)


Thank you Justin and Kelly for an amazing day to be a part of!  Here’s just a taste of what’s to come:)  I can’t wait for you see them all:)


Love you guys!

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