Meet #TeamKKP

Meet Kate

Hi!  I’m Kate!  I’m a happily married lady to my amazing husband, Lance.  We are the ‘parents’ of our beloved dog, Bailey.  I’ve been working in the photography industry since I was 15 years old.  I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work in incredible photography studios since then.  I have a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois.  I serve as the editor for Kara Kamienski Photography and #teamkkp.  I also own and operate my own business, Katie Ann Designs, which sells custom templates to photographers.  When I’m not working (when is that, right!?!), Lance and I love to travel (the warmer the better in my opinion!)  I’m a lover of all things rustic and could waste days of my life walking through antique shops and craft fairs.  I love that my part of #teamkkp allows me to stay at home with my crazy puppy, my Netflix addiction, and my coffee and yoga pants.  Don’t be afraid if I ever see you in public and know your name and recognize your face and you have no idea who I am!  I spend hours editing your faces- so it’s legit:)


by Jamie Grant Photography


Meet Laura

Hi! I’m Laura! I’m a bit of a nerd – I met my husband on our university debate team. I own it 🙂 I’m a romantic – I’m completely in love with my husband of 10 years and our one year old son Owen.  We cuddle him before bed each night and being with my guys is my favorite moment of every day. I used to be an academic (remember the nerd thing?) – With a great love of storytelling, I earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English. But I realized that, instead of reading great stories, I wanted to tell them. I left my Ph.D program and never looked back! Six years later, I’ve photographed over 75 weddings and I’m proud to say that over half of them have been with Kara Kamienski Photography. I’m a cool cucumber – I love being organized and in charge and I possess a great ability to roll with the punches. I’m a good person to have around on your wedding day! And I’m also very grounded – My church and community help me remember the big picture. For me, it all comes down to this: love God, love people, serve others. The moment I met Kara, we decided that we’d much rather be friends than competitors. And from this joyful, creative friendship, we get to make beautiful, fun, and amazing photos for our couples. I’m so excited to be part of the artistic collaboration that is TeamKKP!






Meet Sydney

My name is Sydney, just like Australia. I was born and raised in Michigan (just ask me to point out where on my hand! 🙂 ). I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts from Adrian College, where I, also, fell in love with a local, Alex. We have been together for over 4 years and have 3 wonderfully spoiled dogs; Kodak, Forte, and Mac. While I admittedly moved to Peoria to work on my masters of fine arts, working at Peoria Camera Shop introduced me to the photography community surrounding Central Illinois. This passionate community lead me to start working with Kara, or as she calls me her “Left Brain”. Being the “Left Brain” I’m known for my OCD and organization, but photography allows my true creativity out. On a wedding day, for example, all I can do is stay in the moment of your big day. This allows me to capture every little detail and make your dream day even better–be it by carrying the back of your dress, offering you my shoes (it’s happened 🙂 ), holding your phone/purse/flowers/gold football/mug shot signs/etc, or capturing a precious moment unfold where even I am misty eyed behind my camera. Photography makes me thankful for choosing a career where I not only get to fall in love with my career over and over, but with the wonderful people I meet—like Kara and #TeamKKP.






Meet Meghan

Hi! My name is Meghan Monkemeyer, yep it’s a mouthful! I’m married to my studly teacher husband Drew and am the proud momma of our daughter Finley June. They bring out the very best in me and will forever be my favorites! I rest in the fact that my joy, my salvation and every good and gracious thing that has been given to me comes from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who loves me beyond measure! Now onto the part about photography. – I worked for four years at Peoria Camera and studied art administration at Butler University, both of which set me on a path to the absolute job of my dreams! I consider it an honor and privilege to do what I do and share in your most intimate moments and memories, so for that I thank you. I adore working with Kara who inspires me on a daily basis as a photographer, a boss and a mom. A list of other things that I love: watching HGTV’s Fixer Upper while my daughter naps, volcano candles, shopping at Anthropologie and a cold Blue Moon straight from the tap:) Oh, and of course all of my dear friends in team kkp!


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