Miles & Katie: August 13, 2016- Associate by Sydney

When Katie and I chatted over the phone about her schedule, I could instantly tell we were going to get along together. And when I arrived for her wedding it was all proven true! Katie was honestly one of the sweetest, kindest, and happiest brides. Shortly after I arrived at the hotel, Katie and her bridesmaids arrived from the salon with lunch while I started working on the details. As I opened her details I found her veil was a bit… wrinkled. No worries, Katie’s amazing bridemaids were on the job with dedication and tons of enthusiasm. And they made it ‘significantly good’. 😉 Even better was Katie was completely calm as she got her makeup done while her bridesmaids delicately worked on dewrinkling. I think the best part being as they joked with her, Katie gave it right back! Sorry girls, I think we were better without Katie’s name written in the veil.

When we walked into the cathedral Katie and Miles were married at, I think Meghan and I had to pick our jaws up. St. Mary’s you are goooorgeous. Before long Katie and her Dad were making their way down the aisle, and I don’t think either stopped smiling the entire way. And Miles, well let’s just say he was excited to see his bride. Plus their flowergirls and ring bearer – the cutest kiddos around and Katie’s (and now Miles too!) nieces and nephew. Their entire ceremony was gorgeous and I’m pretty sure there was only a few moments they both stopped smiling.

We headed out to do portraits around Peoria and let’s just say how amazing this group was! Plus, groomsmen who lay on the ground for a ridiculous photo. Yep, bonus points. And Katie and Miles? SERIOUSLY! I think they walked out of a style shoot or wedding magazine. Katie’s dress was GORGEOUS. And Miles tux was CUSTOM MADE for their wedding day. Including his name embroidered into it. Oh, and don’t worry he didn’t leave any detail untouched – he even had a “after dinner” pocket square and had his details ready for photographs in the morning. #homeboyhadstyle #butKatiewasgorgeous

And their reception? It was at Weaver Ridge in Peoria with their closest family and friends. I have to say one of my favorite moments was when Katie and Miles went to cut the cake and Katie turns to me and says “soooo…. is someone going to tell us how to do this?” Let’s just say I helped her out. But a close second is where after cutting their cake she tells me she’s taking the piece they cut back to their table with her. Um, yes! Plus their dance floor- uh I don’t think I have seen such… synchronized dancing before, but I LOVE when guests get down to the awesome music 🙂

Katie and Miles, I don’t even know where to start…. It’s clear you two are completely in love with each other. You carried your entire day with such style, grace, love and genuine happiness, and I know you two are truly an amazing couple. Thank you for just being you, being amazing, and sharing all of that amazingess with #teamkkp.

Much love,


Vendor Line Up

Photography: Kara Kamienski Photography
Associate Photographer: Sydney Wlodyka
Second Photographer: Meghan Monkemeyer
Florist: The Flower Bin – Roanoke, IL
Suit/Tux Designer: Alton Lane
Bridesmaids Dress Designer: Alfred Angelo
Hair/Makeup: Shear Images
DJ: Extreme DJs & Lighting
Cake by: Caleri’s
Ceremony: Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception
Reception: Weaver Ridge Golf Club

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