Orland Chateau, Chicago, IL: Felicia & Ben: October 1, 2016

When I first spoke with Felicia on the phone last year- two things were very prominent in my mind.  #1- Felicia and Ben had met at the University of Illinois (just like my hubby and I!) and were avid Illini fans- which means that I LOVED them.  And second- her name is Felicia- right in the era of the #byefelicia movement- so that made me immaturely happy:)

When Felicia and Ben and I met at the U of I for their engagement pictures- we had an absolute blast:)  We worked hard to break into the stadium (successfully…woot woot!) and we just had a blast walking our alumni campus together:)  I was stoked their wedding colors were orange and blue:)))

When the big day arrived- we were all a little scared of rain.  Felicia was a complete ROCKSTAR and had a backup plan in place in case of rain!!!  But it held out- and after a gorgeous ceremony- we headed into downtown Chicago for some amazing wedding pictures with the skyline!  A little rain wasn’t stopping us- and I actually love the umbrella ones:)   We were right by Navy Pier and I REALLY wanted to get on a ride!!  Unfortunately, because of the rain- they were closed.  But I don’t take no for an answer, and after some serious sweet talking- they opened the gates and let us on the swings for a few quick photos:)  SO excited they did:)  They were so cute!  I had literally 30 seconds to take them and I love them:)

The reception was amazing!  The favors??  HAND-KNITTED coozies (like over 250 of them) by grandma!!!!!!  The first day edit from Park Life Films was EPIC:)  SO funny!!!  And I loved the surprise country song that Ben’s dad had written and recorded for the couple!  Such a sweet fun night!!  Add to that grandma getting down on the dance floor thanks to a bunch of wheelchair-driving cousins- and this party was awesome:)

This poor couple’s honeymoon was postponed because of the Hurricane!!!!!!  But they eventually got to go:)  Oh that stress for them though:((((

Thank you Ben and Felicia for an awesome day!!!  Loved spending it with you guys:)


Photography: Kara Kamienski Photography
Second Photographer: Tricia Hooper
Videographer: Parklife Films
Florist: Classic Florals
Bridal Gown Designer: David’s Bridal
Suit/Tux Designer: Men’s Wearhouse
Bridesmaids Dress Designer: David’s Bridal
Hair/Makeup: Erica Davis Salon
Tablecloths/Linens: Elegant Chair Covers
DJ: Near Dark Entertainment
Invitations: Justin Vainer – the bride’s brother
Cake by: Naples Bakery


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