Paradice, East Peoria, IL: Tyler & Jenny: June 17, 2017

Have you heard that quote that says ‘you are the result of the five people you spend the most time with?’ or something like that?  (I probably butchered it but you get the idea).  That’s why I knew this wedding was going to be amazing!  Jenny is the best friend of two girls I have loved dearly for years- girls who have babysat my kids and who my kids consider family- so I knew her wedding was going to be amazing because SHE is amazing.  I met Tyler for the first time this day as well- and he too, is amazingly funny and sweet!

Jenny’s gorgeous sisters, her friends, and her wedding party started the day getting beautified by the lovely ladies at the Loft Bridal:)  The forecast was predicting some heavy rain for Jenny and Tyler’s day- so we weren’t planning on a morning photo session- but it hadn’t started raining yet- so we opted for a nice private reveal, and then a quick photo session while we had clear skies!  It was here that I, like an idiot, fell into a patch of trees and completely bummed up my leg!  But, it was worth it for the shot:))

Jenny and Tyler are just fun to be around together.  They have a lot of inside jokes and they are sweet to each other while simultaneously picking on each other:)  We laughed a lot this day:))

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and we were excited to see as we left that we still had no rain!!!!  The family and bridal party followed in tow as we went and shot pictures at a park and then downtown Peoria- and then we somehow ended up at Kellehers for a group shot:)  (and not just the picture kind!!)

The reception was GORGEOUS.  Jenny really outdid herself on this one:)  It was all stunning!!  My favorite part was a family tradition where the guys from Jenny’s family attached a huge ball and chain to Tyler’s ankle:)  So funny!

These two are destined for a very happy life:)  They smile, they laugh, they are sweet- and I’m so thankful I got to be there for their big day!

Congrats to you both Tyler and Jenny:)

Love, Kara