Pear Tree Estate, Champaign, Illinois: Carley and Kasey, March 18, 2017

Most people are born with an incredible blessing in their life.  They’re smart.  Or they’re really good looking.  Or they find their soulmate.


These two have got it all.:)  Literally.  These two are GORGEOUS humans, so sweet, so kind- and seriously, one of the most smitten couples I’ve ever shot.  I literally didn’t have to do anything.  They just fold into each other naturally.  Just look at the ceremony pictures:)  Who snuggles during a ceremony?!?!  These two did- and I was in Heaven:)


I met Carley because she’s the best friend of one of my past brides (and my kiddos kindergarten teacher…!)  Carley and Adrienne had cheered together at ISU- and I knew Carley was still the coach there.  When I heard Carley got engaged and she wanted me to be there- I was ecstatic!  I know how fun that girl is:)


I knew that Casey and Carley had met at ISU- but that Casey was no longer living in Illinois.  He had gone on in his career and was living in California!!  That’s a long distance relationship for sure!!  When we shot their engagement pictures however- I could tell that distance wasn’t doing a thing to separate these two.  They were absolutely adorable and  And they are just hot.  Just really hot:)


Their wedding day was perfect.  SO perfect.  Perfect as in the minute I walked through the door the mom greeted me with ‘you’re Kara?  you look so cute and so much younger than I had expected!’  and….day made. 🙂  Carley’s bridesmaids were amazing, the groomsmen were all brothers and they were CRAZY:)- and everything went off without a hitch:)  I loved the choice of the blue for Casey’s suit- and the bow tie:)


These two couldn’t have chosen two more beautiful venues for their Champaign wedding.  Holy Cross Catholic Church is stunning, and Pear Tree is always a favorite:)  While the weather was somewhat cold and overcast for most of the day- the sun peeked out right at the right time that night- and we rushed outside for a few quick pictures that I am in love with:)


Carley and Casey I have ZERO doubts you two will live the most incredible life- giggling lots and continuing to be super hot.  Thank you for having me as part of your day:) I love you guys:)




Vendor Lineup:

Church:  Holy Cross, Champaign, IL

Reception:  Pear Tree Estate, Champaign, IL

Photographer:  Kara Kamienski

Second Photographer:  Laura Meador

Videographer:  Maloch Media

Florist: Danville Floral

Hair:  Sarah Raley

DJ:  Elite Entertainment

Invitations:  Kelly Graves

Cake: Sugar Mama Bakery

Photo Booth: Illini Photo Booth