Pear Tree Estate: Tasting Event

Last week, I had the pleasure of working with the incredible staff at Pear Tree Estate.  These ladies have done such an incredible job creating one of the most sought after venues in the central Illinois area.  I was lucky to shoot three incredible weddings there in 2014- and have a whole slew of them coming for 2015!

This estate is tucked back in the country of Champaign.  As you drive up the illuminated drive, you come upon the gorgeous building of Pear Tree Estate.  In the season- the trees are blooming with- you got it, pears.  The rustic-chic feeling of the place gets me giddy as a photographer!  We’ve shot outdoor ceremonies on the patio overlooking the lake, indoor ceremonies in a few different locations, and each one is absolutely gorgeous!

Pair the incredible scenery with the extremely professional staff- and then top it off with  Seriously, the food is better than most fancy restaurants I go to on dates with my husband.  I’d pay a pretty penny for this food at a restaurant- it’s that delicious.  Well, put it this way.  I ate brussel sprouts.  Real brussel sprouts.  So not on my bucket list.  But they are amazing:)

Pear Tree was hosting a tasting event for their wedding couples of 2015 and 2016.  I was incredibly jealous.  These couples were treated to an array of their appetizers (for the record, the buffalo chicken bruschetta is my favorite), the specialty drinks including white sangria, and then a variety of their entrees they offer.  It was so hard to just photograph and not devour every single one!!  Then dessert!  Be still my heart!

This was my first experience shooting food photography- and I loved it:)  Thank you wonderful ladies of Pear Tree Estate for having me out to your tasting!  I have loved working with you and getting to know you and I can’t wait for all of our upcoming weddings in 2015 (starting in March!)

love- Kara


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