Peoria Zoo, Peoria, IL Wedding: Austin & Jordan: October 15, 2016 Associate by Sydney

Going in to Jordan and Austin’s day was especially special because I knew how much fun the day was going to be considering we had their engagement session on the WINDIEST day ever and STILL had an amazing time! When I walked into Jordan’s room, the girls were the calmest bridesmaids and bride around. They were just hanging out, listening to instrumental music, chatting, and just soaking up the day. Seriously and Jordan’s getting ready was just as smooth and relaxed that we were ahead of time going into their reveal! So we headed downtown for just about the sweetest reveal ever. Not only were they both seriously excited (and we got to play a trust exercise where I walked Austin backwards) but it was amazing just seeing these two interact.

Next up was amazing portraits around downtown Peoria in some of the coolest areas in town. I have to say my favorite thing about these two is just beginning to put them into a pose and letting them interact. The way they laugh, and love each other something fierce is amazing. And capturing that during their portraits- all the heart eyes over here.

So we get in my car after portraits and are heading to the church for the ceremony and we’re talking about the plan for the rest of the day. And I mention how we’re getting ice cream and ask if Austin is excited, and he thinks Jordan and I were joking! First who jokes about ice cream! Seriously though, best mid-wedding day adventure. And to the owner of Emack and Bolio’s who kindly helped us, thank you- thank you for being so welcoming to the wedding party and letting us enjoy a pit stop at your shop. The ceremony was seriously sweet and I love how excited they both were to be finally getting married after 5 long years of dating. Though there may be a bit of debate on which finger your wedding ring goes on… though we’ll leave that for another day.

We get to the Zoo for cocktail hours and a few photos around the park with the animals. Just as were about to head out one of the staff tells us that they can take us over to the giraffes. Um, how about Jordan and Austin fed one of the giraffes on their wedding day!! Seriously one of the coolest thing ever (right up there with getting ice cream). Plus the reception was tons of fun – seeing the amazing dance moves and being lead by the amazing Johnny of DJ4U.

Jordan and Austin never lose the way you two love each other and interact, always make time for a quick ice cream break, and just soak in all the moments of life.

Much love,


Associate Photographer:  Sydney Wlodyka

Second Shooter:  Brian Coss

Florist: Sterling Flower Shoppe
Hair/Makeup: The Loft Bridal
Tablecloths/Linens: I Do Events
Centerpieces: Create A Scene
Invitations: Vista Print
Cake by: Princess Creation
Ceremony: Holy Family Church
Reception: Peoria Zoo
Ice Cream: Emack and Bolio’s

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