San Francisco, California: Destination Wedding: Nick & Kat: March 22, 2017

Every wedding is special.  Every wedding is an honor.  And every couple means something to me.


But this one.  This one was even moreso.  The beautiful bride in this wedding- she was one of my best friends growing up.  I have VIVID memories of us having sleepovers and making up starting lineups {{hey hey Ryan Tracy….good luck.}}   I remember her clothes and how she always had a lemon slice in her water bottle before it was cool.  I remember talking for hours about the boys we liked and which one we were going to marry and how when we did get married, of course the other would be there…


well, she held true to that promise.


Even though we lost touch after high school, the beauty of Facebook reconnected us.  And a few years back, she reached out to me to see if I would photograph her boyfriend and his daughter’s as a Father’s Day gift to him.  I accepted…freaked out a bit (it’s weird…really weird to see someone who was your best friend who you haven’t seen in like 15 years)…and went.  And she was just as lovely as I remembered her.  And he was awesome.  And those girls were adorable!


I kept in touch with them over the last few years.  When they got engaged- I was thrilled.  When they started the planning process- things started leaning from an at home wedding to a surprise destination elopement of sorts.  The plans started going and I was more than happy to make the trip with them to San Francisco, California for their wedding.  My husband grew up in the San Fran area and all of his family still lives there.  I was so excited to make a trip out of it and see my family as well.


The plan was for Nick’s aunt and uncle to also be present at the wedding, along with his three girls.  My mother in law was also coming in case we needed to hop out of the car for photos and didn’t want to park, etc.  Logistics:)  Talk about a CRAZY small world when we discovered that Nick’s aunt and uncle live in a town in California AROUND THE CORNER from my in-laws.  Seriously.  You’re getting this right.  My best friend from when I was little….her new aunt and uncle live around the corner from my mother and father in law- in CALIFORNIA.  How crazy is that.


The wedding day was perfect.  We arrived to the rented home where they were staying!  The girls were excitedly getting their hair done as they had just found out that morning that their dad was to get married that day:))  Nick and Kat had pre-sent all of the dresses, etc. and managed to hide it all from them!  We went to City Hall (which is one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever been in) for the wedding.  It was an interesting process and one I’m so glad I got to witness.  After a beautiful ceremony, we loaded up in our huge van and made our way across San Francisco- hitting all the hot spots for some photos!  We visited the Italian part of town (to celebrate Nick’s Italian heritage), we had Irish Coffees at the famous restaurant to do so, we even managed to find an EMPTY trolley cart for photos!  After that we ventured to the Golden Gate Bridge for some photos of the amazing scenery!  Then, we trekked up to Sonoma for the reception.  Kat and Nick and reserved a Chateau winery for the evening.  We had the entire place to ourselves and it was literally out of a storybook.  The scenery was incredible.  It was a gorgeous evening of wine, cheese, and a musical performance by the girls:)


Kat..I never imagined that our talks as girls about our future husbands and weddings- that I’d actually get to really be there for yours.  Thank you for trusting me with that role:)  I am so incredibly happy for you and Nick and the girls:)


Love, Kara


Kat and I as besties in junior high. 🙂

Post coming:)