Shane & Jessica: February 6, 2016

I still remember meeting Jessica and Shane last year at Panera.  After some small talk, I asked the very standard ‘how did you meet?’  I’m not sure what I was expecting- but ‘our moms set us up’ was not it:)  Sure enough- that’s exactly how this love story started.  And I think it definitely goes to show- moms truly do know what’s best.  Because after over 250 weddings shot, I can honestly say this couple is one of the most joyous, happy to be together, in love couples we’ve ever had the honor to photograph.  They are incredibly smitten with each other and it shows!

I got to spend some great time with Jess and Shane in Chicago (where they reside) for their engagement session!  We went a little bit of everywhere and had an absolute blast!  We followed our session up with an amazing pizza date!  Jess and Shane were totally game when I saw a word (a not so nice word) written on the wall, and they agreed to stand in front and do a funny pose (the word was another word for your buttocks, and the pose may or may not have involved Shane securing Jess’s buttocks in a supportive type of way if you get my drift).  So…pose was funny enough.  But when these two sent me a mock save the date they had composed as a joke to send to their parents using said pose- and it said ‘Kindly get your …. to Bloomington on February 6’- I KNEW their wedding day was going to be incredibly fun.  They have a spirit about them that is funny, laid back, happy go lucky, and they are just incredible people to be around:)

The wedding day was no different!  Jess’s hotel room was strewn with wedding items, and personal items- including her teddy bear that was her dad’s teddy bear that then she loved on her entire life.  Of course it was there!  Her mom was so adorable and cried pretty much every time she made eye contact with Jess:)

The ceremony was beautiful.  We caught many, many moments where Shane and Jess would just look at each other with happy tears in their eyes.  It was quite moving to watch:)  They prayed together, cried together, laughed together, and my favorite- shared their first kiss, followed by a hug.  Those things seem like typical emotions for a wedding ceremony- but surprisingly, they’re not.  Often times couples get so wrapped up in ‘the next thing’ on the agenda that they forget to just relax and enjoy the ceremony and let those emotions flow.  These two didn’t- and I’m so thankful because it really set the mood for all of us for the beautiful celebration of their love:)

We ventured to the Bloomington Country Club and then Ewing Manor for some gorgeous pictures.  Despite it being February 6, the weather was incredibly mild and enjoyable to be outside:)  I loved that the families joined us at the location as well so we could get some gorgeous outdoor light photos as well:)  This tight-knit family wouldn’t have it any other way.  One of my favorite pictures from this day is the one of both families together with Shane and Jess getting crazy:)

The reception was hands down gorgeous:)  The speeches were incredible.  Matter of fact, I complimented the best man on what an incredible speaker he was and how comfortable he seemed with a mike in his hand.  Turns out he’s an attorney:)  haha:)  I imagine he wins ALL of his cases because he was crazy good at that speech:)

It’s truly couples like Jess and Shane that make me so incredibly happy to be a wedding photographer.  I absolutely thrive on the witness that couples like these show with their love.  Thank you so much Jess and Shane for letting me be a part of it:)

Love you both!


Vendor Line Up:

Photography: Kara Kamienski Photography
Second: Laura Meador
Florist: Casey’s
Bridal Gown Designer: Watters & Watters
Suit/Tux Designer: Men’s Wearhouse
Bridesmaids Dress Designer: Bill Levkoff (from Bella Bridesmaid)
Makeup/Hair: Fringe
Tablecloths/Linens: Palace Events
DJ: Okyne Media Labs
Invitations: Mi-Te Printing
Rentals: Palace Events
Cake by: Janet’s


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