Matt + Jodi

When I was looking for a photographer there were certain qualities that were musts for me. After being in so many weddings where the photographer was a dud, I knew what I wanted. First off, a great PORTFOLIO. Being an artist myself, I wanted someone with a creative edge and imaginative view. With this said, I was instantly drawn to Kara’s images at a Bridal expo. She can take average people and turn them into super models. No joke. Her photos are stunning and unique—her passion for photography is clearly evident through her images. Second–PERSONALITY. My spouse is a shy guy. He needed someone to open him up during our sessions and make him comfortable. Kara is easily one of the most likable people I have ever met. We felt like we were playing around with a camera with one of our friends during our engagement session! Her bubbly personality just made us so comfortable. Third—DEDICATION. Where do I even begin—Kara is completely devoted to her couple during all services. She drove an hour just for a formal introduction before we had even signed a contract, she traveled 2 hours + hiked 1.5 miles to get engagement images at our desired location. She crammed herself into the trunk of my SUV with a bicycle between locations. She worked in any and all of my personal requests for engagement and wedding day photos. She came to my wedding with a backup suitcase of hairpins, static guard, hairspray, etc for any of my emergency needs. And when my limo service cancelled on us an hour before the wedding, she immediately started calling all of her contacts to help find us a replacement! Need I say more? Complete dedication. Lastly—PROFESSIONALISM and EFFICIENCY are a must! As far as professionalism goes, Kara is completely reliable, timely, and appropriate. She caught amazing photos at my Catholic ceremony without being a bit invasive. The quality of her equipment is clearly evident. And efficiency–day of wedding, this girl was a MACHINE! She literally captured amazing must-have family photos in 15 minutes without missing a single shot on my list. You really have to see her in action to understand. She knew my the names of my whole wedding party in literally 5 minutes and directed each person into position without hesitation. She was fun, NEVER frustrated, and gave me the wedding images I dreamed about. I just can’t say enough.