Max + Chelsea

One of the few things you rarely hear mixed advice on when planning a wedding is to make sure you get a good photographer. We spent a long time agonizing over who we’d get to do our wedding photography. There are a *lot* of wedding photographers within a reasonable distance of us, even in central Illinois, who covered a broad range of quality and cost. I swear we considered just about every one of them we could find. We looked at photographer websites, cross-referenced with their blogs and social media, read and balanced countless reviews… Spreadsheets were involved.

Kara Kamienski Photography easily made our shortlist and once we met Kara in person to talk about our wedding, we were hooked. Kara just clicked with us: she loved our ideas and had plenty of her own to contribute.

While their photos speak for themselves, Team KKP is so much more. We couldn’t be happier to have had Kara and Brian there on our wedding day. They were outstanding; enthusiastic, communicative, professional, but way fun to be around, accommodating to all kinds of photo requests, and just plain on top of things. They worked great with our DJ and Event Coordinator. Kara had plenty of helpful advice even in the planning stages, she was always accessible and open as a resource – we relied on her for her expertise on all sorts of minor logistics and design ideas. Once everything was in motion on the day of, we felt we could leave it to them and just enjoy our wedding, knowing we were in great hands and that not only would they help keep things running smoothly, but we’d receive some outstanding photography. It absolutely shows in the wonderful photos they took!

The photos themselves are only a fraction of what makes Team KKP so outstanding. They were there for us before, during, and after our big day, and I can’t believe it would have gone so wonderfully without them. When we got our photos, we were blown away: they made it clear just how wonderful our day was, all of our hard work well documented and to be remembered just the way we want it to. If you go with KKP, you won’t regret it!